Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yesterday ~ Thank goodness for karma action and Mary Ann. I got my first goodies from Mary Ann yesterday and they couldn't have arrived on a better day. What a sweetie is Mary Ann! We're especially liking the looks of that dip. Daughter wanted a sticker immediately soon as she saw them. Sorry dear. I was kind of going into that panic mode again. My Etsy shop is SO close. I've been working on a major decluttering of basement in preperation of my very own space ( a spare bedroom) and hopefully not so much art stuff spread all through the living room. I've recently joined the clothpaperstudio yahoo group and am so thrilled to be part of it. These ideas also keep popping into my brain saying "pick me, pick me." Alas, I have this wicked cold, yeast piece happening right now and am supposed to be getting more rest and breathing more often, more deeply. Besides that I have away meetings tomorrow and Friday as well as next Tuesday, all day, away Monday night. WAAAAH! Then drops in Mary Ann. THANK YOU, THANK, THANK YOU. I also picked up a couple of fiber goodies downtown ( when the going gets rough I tend to shop). Thank goodness I'm not a shop - aholic, quite). May the good Karma shine brightly.

1 comment:

firstborn said...

hi windy angels!!!!!

so happy you got your first set of freebies {smiles}...

enjoy...the second package was sent a few days ago!

i like it when a good plan (karma) comes together!


xo, mary ann

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