Saturday, October 21, 2006

Animals: For my day 5 collage I have done this piece titled "Animals". I have always loved animals.

Greg and I were very fortunate in 1989 to visit some friends who were missionary teachers in Kenya. Besides visiting with them in their home locale and spending some time in Nairobi, with them and without them, we were fortunate to go on two safaris. This was like a dream come true. I think my faves were the elephants, but I also came to truly appreciate the giraffes. I loved most of the animals. I was not so excited to see the "chase" as I understand many are. I appreciate that it is the way of nature but I prefer to see the lions yawning after wakening from a lazy sleep. I prefer to see them in their family groups.

Another show of imterest in animals has come with Christmas gifts of sponsoring endangered species ~ polar bears. I've considered writing letters but am so often dumbfounded with the number of species endangered. Someday...

website on the collage is still active. Please check if you are interested.


Sue B said...

Love this collage!

Suzie Q said...

I love this post, Wendy, it's great to find out more about you and the collage is fab! You've done so well, from one magazine!
I am always astounded by giraffes - I'll never forget the first time I saw one, at a zoo when I was quite young. I clearly remember being completely awestruck by the fact that 'someone' had thought to create them! Incredible! :)
As are they all, of course. I looked at thw WWF site and was in tears, reading about the people that they lost in the helicopter crash. Nick adores Tigers, and adopting one may be a very useful idea for a Birthday present...thanks for sharing that link!
Keep up the wonderful work - this has been a fascinating project to follow.

Love you xXx

Nancy Baumiller said...

What a great collage! I love just about any animal....My love is penguins...and cats of all kinds! Love going to the zoo's...although they do keep good care of them and give them space to roam...I kinda feel sad for them not being in their natural habitat...but at the same time knowing they are safe from poachers etc....Would love to one day see animals in their natural habitat like Africa or Austrailia...Great post! Thank you for sharing!
Much love to you! hugs!

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