Saturday, February 19, 2011

a deadline

my apologies for not updating sooner but I have a deadline. I am not good with deadlines. so I have been trying very much to NOT procrastinate. I think I have been doing quite well with that, but there have certainly been many distractions as well as other "must do" errands and activities. I am also trying not to pressure myself to finish every single plan I have for the ``Diva Kinnection`` show in which I will be displaying jewellery and any bags that I might be able to make. the show is local and is on February 27. the real test will come in the last couple of days before. my plan is to not stay up through the night or even into the wee hours. hah! wish me luck.

below are couple of photos of items I am working with. the bottom is a bag. that one is very questionable for finishing.

a cuff

domino charms waiting to be completed

tiny fabric squares waiting to embellish cuffs

and finally, hints of the bag I mentioned

until next we meet, may angels be with you

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

winter time dreams and looking for focus

the winter months are 
more about
and trying
to find focus

for if one chooses
to see only
the realities
the blues and greys
will be stark
too stark
the climate
will be cold
too cold
the ice 
will be dangerous
too dangerous

but if one can see 
the sparkle
the possibilities
the beauty
the miraculous

one will thrive

one will grow

one will flourish
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