Friday, February 29, 2008

Etsy - I AM REGISTERED! Now I have to get my shop set up. Hmmpphhh. We have to go to the farm for the weekend and as usual I have run out of time. Would have helped if dog hadn't met up with a piece of metal in the yard last night when we were playing fetch and gotten a couple of nasty gashes on his leg. He's been very good about going to vet and getting a bandage put on. It's not infected so saves the cost of antibiotics. I'm no sure how things will go at the farm as he usually loves to run and play.
My password has already given me problems also for starting to set up shop. Next week looks kind of BUSY but hopefully I'll get things in gear. Stay tuned. My shop name will be angelsdreams.

I also didn't quite finish a video that I was working on. I have about three happening at the same time. Actually I think it's four.

I'll try to get a picture here before we leave for the farm.

details of "the bag"

A couple of links to check out. My friends Mary Ann and Karen have some exciting giveaways happening. Take a moment to leave a comment.

Please note that I've put a survey in the sidebar. I'd be very happy if you take a moment to vote.

Angels be with you

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Talk happiness; talk faith; talk health. Say you are well, and all is well with you, and God shall hear your words and make them true.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1850-1919
American Author and Poet
from Inspiration Peak

I truly believe the above words. I'm not sure why I so frequently forget them.

While spring is probably a number of weeks away yet (four - six at least), I am enjoying the warmer weather we've been having. The crocuses (as we've always called them) are one of the things I recognize and especially enjoy to see welcoming spring.

Stay tuned for an announcement - I'm thinking as it's leap year - well, we'll see what I can accomplish.

Angels be with you,
Wendy XO

Saturday, February 23, 2008

About self love, self esteem, loving what you do, what you create, what you are.
These are some of the art journal pages I have been starting in the last couple of days. What can I say about self love? I can say that I am really starting to love what I am creating. It really doesn't matter what others think - the best is when I can feel comfortable with what I think.

dreaming for spring

dreaming for spring 2

I needed to share this wonderful video with you. Tam has so much to say about self-love. I so agree with what she says. I so love how she says it.

Angels be with you,
Wendy XO

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now is the time when I get REALLY tired of the snow. I'm not at all interested in taking outdoor photos. Even the sunrises and sets hold little interest. We finally had a warmer day last Saturday and then later it was pouring rain. That was followed by back to the freezer for a couple of days with wind chills - YUCK! So now even on the days when it is finally warming a bit there are hard drifts of snow AND extremely slippery walking surfaces. :-)))) Thank goodness for ART! I LOVE HER :D

Now that I have my artroom and the basement nearly organized (just a few finishing touches) I can finally get back to being creative every day. And that other project is right now on the front burner. Stay tuned.

I tossed together another video yesterday morning. I'm really having fun making them and using that side of my creativity. I've been doing more journal pages lately. I'm finding them good for practicing techniques and experimenting. this one is called FINDING STRENGTH

Firefox, which I typically use, is giving me grief about the still for the video. It seems to appear quite nicely on explorer. Please let me know if you have any difficulties with the videos.
to find all the videos please visit here.

finding strength

I liked how this image looked when I put it to sepia also:

"strength" in sepia

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Creating an art quilt tutorial: Many months ago I promised a tutorial of how I make an art quilt. I think it was last June. I have started doing videos for youtube so decided to use all the pictures I had taken for the tutorial and put them into a video format on my vlog.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer them. The video does not go into a great deal of depth. I will probably do another one some time about how I am inspired.

Journal Quilt Purple

Journal Quilt Purple

Journal Quilt Purple

Until next time,
angels be with you.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

From the top of an old cupboard in what I'm calling my art room. I choose not to call it a studio because I don't think I'll be doing much of the actual art here. I am storing supplies and hope to find inspiration, dreams, a place to relax and think.

"a few of my favourite things"
More photos:

My apologies for not being with you in your own blogs, dreams. I've been doing humungous job of cleaning our basement. I'll share more of that in days future.
We are going to farm for couple of days. I face more cleaning there as my folks are selling their house in the City as they've been primarily living at the farm now.

Our weather has FINALLY warmed up. PHEW! And the sun is actually shining. Though the clouds are again wending their way in.
Hopefully our daughter will also start making better choices again. :-)

Nearly forgot to mention that I had started a journal page for Valentine's day. Ah, and then teenager decided to, welllll, anyway.

A number of videos are in the plans. One needs only a tiny bit of tuning up. Next week :-) If you want to keep an eye on what's happening at my youtube and see what my faves are you can find them here.
I'll get that link up shortly also.

Angels be with you,

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The weather AND my almost ready to dance in art room:
I am practically humming with excitement, even though we are having bitterly cold weather. The windchills are something like -49 degrees C which is, I believe, about -58 degrees F. I haven't stepped out yet. Might still take the dog for a few steps down the back lane (alley) ;-)

Have you found that in order to organize many diverse pieces you must first separate all the pieces? That's the stage I'm at now with all my papers. YUCK. Just so there's a space to walk through to get to my art space. I am getting so close though. I can almost feel the excitement. I have made a deal with self to not do any more art until... Oh YES! I can hardly wait. Weeelll - I have started another video. I can't complete it though until the space is ready to launch. I need to do some taping on the turquoise blue bedspread in that room.

In the meantime here are some videos I've been trying to cheer myself with.

Angels be with you,

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am so very excited. I have put my very first video on youtube. I had so much fun making it. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch it. I would be very pleased. As always, any comments are very gratefully appreciated. I should point out that the windyangels on youtube is not me. I'm known as windyangels4u.

You can find "Don't Cry for me Argentina" on The Romantic Guitar of Liona Boyd.

As some of you know I was encountering some challenges again later last week. I was also feeling kind of tired with this ongoing attempt at cleaning our basement and my art room. I decided I needed to do some art. I needed to do something simple. While cleaning I had come across a studio scrapbook with "durable manila paper". Unfortunately it had met some water along the way so every page has a stain at the top left side - no matter. I will choose to call these journal pages even though the pages are large (35.6 x 27.9 cm).

Think Happy Thoughts

Think Happy Thoughts

I decided to do a video surrounding the piece because I had many ideas to go along with it and I had written a poem in my head also. Perhaps the main reason, however, was the fabulous compliments that my friend Karen has been giving me on my collaged boxes. Ah, I should not fail to mention suziblu who first gave me the strong desire to create an art video. If you have not seen any of suzi's videos I would strongly advise you to take a moment.

Those same boxes and my hand carved stamps had created interest from two new parties ~ Valerie and some folks at the Bliss Guild. I was very honoured to have them comment on a previous post. Other dear friends to comment on that post were Suze, Susan and Janet. I am also pleased to announce that a friend I discovered online, from Saskatchewan, has started a new blog and has invited me to put a link on my blog. Welcome Lisa. Lisa does fabulous photography.

Leah never ceases to amaze me. Not only is she the creator of creative every day 2008, she also leaves frequent comments. Thanks Leah.

I cannot close this post without noting that I have been very privileged to have the fabulous Liona Boyd look at my blog and very kindly permit me to use one of her songs on my video. I am deeply honoured. Thanks Liona. Here's the link: I found the following video also on youtube. "Moorish Dance" is from The Spanish Album.

I would like to close this post with the words "I LOVE ART".

Angels be with you,
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