Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day

To me, every day is like earth day. I love nature very much. Our family has been into recycling for a very long time. I know that I fall short in many ways but at least I try. As earth day approaches I have chosen to share with you a few glimpses into what earth is about for me in this particular time.

Birds are important to me. Springtime of the year is special because of robins. These particular robins were gathering happily in the tree outside, just beyond the window.

While green grass and new leaves are slow in arriving, there are some perrenial plants poking their leaves through the earth announcing their arrival. I am always so happy to see those first leaves peeking out.

Certainly the earth is about people and love. I am always inspired when I encounter one of these very special videos.

Considering my love of colour and creativity I find this next video to be exceptionally representative of nature and art. Please view full screen if you are able.

While the article below is not news, I believe the timing is appropriate to share because of earth day and my love of nature. The display remains in the gallery until the end of April.

***please remember to click on any of the above pictures to enlarge  ~ 
especially required to read the article***

As a finale for my little celebration of earth day I could not help but choose to ask you to "Imagine". 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

trying to remember

to be mindful

my two frequent companions remind me of that and allow it to happen.
Missy Hope has been asking, nearly begging, for more attention in recent weeks. She bats at me and at times practically climbs up my leg when I am standing still. Thankfully her claws are kept in. She is only trying to tell me she needs loving. When I sit at my computer in the den she is often sitting down beside me and sticks up  a paw as well. After I bring her to my lap she often does not stay long but prefers to go back to her spot beneath my chair.

Sometimes the outdoors beckon. I sit on the deck chair, newly cleaned of snow, and try to do art. Creating can be somewhat cumbersome wrapped in a blanket and having to wear a warm jacket to prevent shivering. I took my breakfast out one morning. Even though we had some lovely warm afternoons the nights and mornings are still chilly. I did not keep my food tray outside for very long. Those days will return, soon enough. 
Mindful ~ warmth within, birds singing, a chill touch, but not freezing on my skin. Some days sunlight. Some days darkest clouds ~ ready to spill ~ bringing a tickle to my spirit ~ the excitement. Some days thunder ~ crackling closely. My heart tries to calm ~ for the pooch. I am near. You are safe ~ as safe as I can have you be, regretful for the remedy forgotten.

purring in my ear
please stay close
your loving brings me calm

batting at my leg
thank you for the interruption
my shoulders need a break

curled up on the chair
thank you for the reminder
to pause and let me "be"

Inspiration still seems to elude me. Journal pages occur, but seem almost a struggle to create. I believe I have finally felt some creative stirrings within. I have begun applying gesso to pages of an old ledger book I purchased a couple of years ago. Hoping to share more art soon.

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Angels be with you dear friends.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

some Easter creations

 from nature

  from natural dyes and Martha inspiration

from acrylic ink, magic pencils, Misty and Milliande inspiration

and  this work in progress with magic pencils again and Toulouse-Lautrec inspiration

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links for today
~ Martha
~ Milliande
~ Misty
~ magic pencils
~ Sennelier ink
~ Toulouse-Lautrec

Sunday, April 8, 2012



Saturday, April 7, 2012

art and words

more art. more words. plus a bit of music tossed in for some body movement. I need to remember to move slowly, quickly, freely, expressively. to dance. to sing. to be mindful. to release that which I am able. wishing for you the same ~ to be mindful of your senses, your body, your spirit, as you move through your own path.

Friday, April 6, 2012

artful ventures

being reminded yet again that ART SAVES ~
in the past weeks I have been grieving the passing of my father, while continuing, seemingly without cease, to advocate for our daughter. time and energy for art has been sporadic. mostly I write ~ in journal books, on blank pages, on painted backgrounds, on torn out old scrapbook pages. words, words which are private. while usually I share my journaling, these are different words, words for me and God. art has been in quick expressive studies, mostly incomplete, often unfinished, or waiting for that decision of when complete. there is nothing really pretty or splendid here. there is just a sharing of emotion. perhaps you will find something that touches you within. that is my hope. if not, only be happy that I am able to express my emotions on paper, be it blue new, watercolour rough, paint covered, or aged scrapbook.
         colours through journal pages expressed ~

Easter morn approaches

"For I remember it is Easter morn,
And life and love and peace are all new born.
Alice Freeman Palmer

portraits on blue ~

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