Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am here

On January 8 I wrote words in my journal for an assignment ~ "I am here". Today I choose to share the words with you.

Another assignment in early days was for a self portrait. This was done with C'aran D'ache Crayons on a rough piece of card stock which I believe actually somehow came to have wonder-under on it. That is what the texture is about. Though the assignment was for dry mediums only, I quickly chose to add some water as the crayons on the rough texture looked, well, kind of terrible. Early stages with self portraits. Tricky to change the mistakes on the textured paper. I personally find the portrait to be much easier to view if I cover the face from about the nose down. Big grin. Hoping you find it humourous too.

"I am here."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

hearts day

Happy Valentine's Day!

On this hearts day I ventured into the kitchen to find these at my breakfast place.

 Somebody knows how much I LOVE fresh berries - especially raspberries.

Some choices for this hearts day as for many days ~
Options from our Canadian Diabetes Association cookbooks or healthy Heart Books from the Canadian Heart Foundation.

 A more difficult option will be to choose a baby cucumber, cup of Bengal Spice tea, or refreshing glass of filtered water instead of chocolate. Yes, I crave chocolate too, but made much simpler when there is no chocolate in the house.  

For myself, a wonderful gift, finding time to start a journal page and hopefully work with it today. I am wondering why I took so long to remember how much I love to journal.  

I also choose walks in the outdoors, even though I have to bundle up some to walk these days. Ice grippers on my boots are a must. My body and soul crave the sunlight and fresh air. My mindful being loves the opportunity to remember how much I love to hear the birds sing and see the fanciful, lacy hoarfrost icing on the trees.

Yes, Happy Valentine's Day!  


Sunday, February 12, 2012

faces, figures, and more

I continue working on portraits and have decided to begin with that which I have had the least practice ~ figures. About  a week ago I decided to give the vine charcoal a chance for expressive drawings together with the newly purchased white Sennelier pastel. Previously I had been using charcoal pencil and a very inexpensive soft pastel. The soft pastel was NOT working. Consequently I was getting frustrated. Ahhh, the Sennelier was fabulous. And as promised by our instructor, Misty, the vine charcoal is very flowing.

This work in progress is from a reference image ~ 1972 Chatelaine magazine. Blending and final touches required. I love how her eye turned out and am also pleased with initial appearance of her ear.

The beginnings with figures are not quite ready to share. For now I will show an old image I had started ages ago on a piece of foam core. I had prepared the foam core with old papers and covered with a layer of gesso. I need to complete the figure. I will be hoping to share a more finished version sometime in the near future.  

"bringing to me a smile

cheerfully chirruping waxwings
as they chomp
brilliant red berries
from the mountain ash tree"

Some of my favourite music which helps me to be mindful this day:

Monday, February 6, 2012

practice, practice, practice

portrait practice ~
pre-portrait, modified in photoshop

 graphite pencil, preliminary drawing

expressive drawing, modified in photoshop. This young lady needs work yet, especially her hair and chin. Because she is one of my first portraits for practice, I decided to share at this earlier stage.

 Another expressive drawing below, reference image from our teacher Misty Mawn, with closed eyes. I decided to do eyes for her.

"sadness envelopes me"

After some changes to lighten. Initial image looked so much a "zombie", especially in unnatural light. We are to do many portraits and I am trying not to get too caught up initially, so will come back later, possibly to try more blending.

The actual art practice has been difficult to get excited about because of so many ongoing family challenges. I am very grateful that Misty has promised to keep the workshop available for an entire year. The lessons are truly packed with knowledge, expertise and magic.

the practice of mindfulness ~
With those challenges, the need to practice mindfulness becomes even more pronounced. 

Playing in photoshop is something I find relaxing.

The folding of paper for developing a flock of paper cranes is also becoming a common activity for me. I believe I have about fifteen cranes made to this time. I have been very excited to view the final product after the folding. A patterned page I printed myself brought special satisfaction.

Music, for a long time, has frequently been comforting and mindful for me. This artist is one of my favourites.

And I frequently find myself coming back to Misty's videos to inspire, to relax, to get me moving, mindful and motivated. Imagine what it will be like through the next year to come back again and again to watch Misty producing magical pieces of art in her relaxed and comfortable style.

Angels be with you dear friends as you practice your own art, as you practice your own mindfulness.
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