Friday, October 20, 2006

Gifts: On this day 4 collage for the 7 day challenge I have left much blank space.
It represents time and how I would prefer to have us view it. So often we try to pack so much into the space of time we have that we do not allow ourselves to see the beauty within this gift.

A gift ~

We have been given
this gift so precious.
Why do we do not

Why do we not value
this gift,
hug it
more often,

embrace it
with our being?

When might I
find time

to truly
this most wonderful gift ~



Terri said...

Your thoughts about time are so true. It makes one wonder if it is possible to escape the idea of trying to do so much within a small amount of time.

firstborn said...

yes, i hear you on this!

as i've gotten older, i've been thinking about time & making sure i'm not wasting it!

i have a 9 yr. old niece who is always in such a big hurry to grow up! i think kids don't know the big picture of time...they live for the day & getting older takes forever! now the latter, i wish that were still true, lol!

i've been catching up on your blog & have been admiring your words & images you've posted! you go girl!

have a wonderful weekend!
mary ann xo
p.s., i'll be mailing your ww freebie this morning {smiles}

firstborn said...

oops, sorry for the many exclamation points (!)'s a nasty habit i seem to be having lately...i'm not yelling mind you, it's just enthusiasm spilling forth, lol...

Nancy Baumiller said...

Oops! I heard the "S" word ahem! Mar! lol just kidding with you darlin...never be sorry for being who you are!!!!
I love this piece! And Mar is right kids don't have a concept of time! They struggle to grow up and we struggle to be a kid again lol...oh to be a kid again with out the worry of time! Gonna have to work on that! :D Love ya and hugs!

windy angels said...

I love enthusiasm. I use exclamations lots too. would never have thought of it as yelling though I tend to that sometimes too.
Thanks all for understanding.

Suzie Q said...

I haven't been managing my time very well lately, Wendy, and am totally with you on this one! ;) I haven't really managed a proper post since my holiday, I need a kick up the behind, or, better still, a tickling session! hehe..
I could do with a laugh..

Big Hugs

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