Friday, September 18, 2009

Do you remember?

So often I forget to take time to play. And then I wonder why I get so many headaches and why my jaws hurt and my shoulders reach the clouds. Ahhh, if only I could just remember that simple solution to take time to play.

At times I wonder if it is really acceptable for someone that is more than half a century old to be skipping through the house whilst going from place to place. Then I recognize how wonderful I feel when I am doing the cavorting. I look for an excuse to move again in that very playful fashion.

And so I decided I could put it down in writing ~ that reminder to take time to play. What better place than my "to do" altered book.

remember to play

With the written reminder, I had focus. It took me a while to get to it, but finally more time to play ~ with paint and fabric.

These are all fat quarter size - about 18 inches by 22 inches in case you are not a quilter. Each of these is on flannelet - just happened to be the fabric I had along to the farm when I originally dyed light green colour. Should mention that I used a "plate" for each of these pieces. The first is my fave, I think, anyway at this moment.

abstract flower on fabric

I am uncertain about the next one. I do love the effects in particular places. I will be working with it much more.


Abstract flower with fuschia addition:

flowers in abstract

And this is another of my faves. It was the first one I did with the plate.

abstract flowers with fuschia

So I will leave you the reminder ~ do not forget to take time to play.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

on a treasure hunt for

A little over a year ago, in May, we had a fire in our house. As I liked to say ~ small fire, big smoke damage. The long and short of it was that we were very fortunate to not be hurt and really not very much was damaged. However we had to clean out nearly the whole house because of smoke damage. Sigh. It took a few months but we got back to our normal lives and were laughing about it. Fortunately the small room where my art supplies were housed was not damaged in any way. Unfortunately that one tiny room was used mostly on and, very occasionally, off for storage of many, many other items as we tried to sort through boxes and boxes of belongings. Our whole basement has seemed like a gathering place for a plethora of art supplies. the floor in my small studio space AND in the main gathering area left barely an inch or two through which to move.

I have tried to do art regardless, but I came to realize I was not being nearly as creative as I could have been. I was on a treasure hunt:

"a space for myself"

Now after many weeks, perhaps months, of concentrated effort, amidst other family challenges, huge grin, I am finally at a stage where I can move quite freely in my studio and have claimed a large part of the main gathering area as well.

After a bit more paper sorting and re-arranging, I will finally be able to shout out ~ I have found treasure.

Angels be with you dear friends.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"a message"

The summer once again tended to be "sew unsorted". Life with a teenager, assisting with care decisions for my parents, having to be told my dear heart companion could not get the few days off we had planned for only a tiny holiday. I think you get the picture:

too much darkness

At least I have the gift of my art, but still:

Dear Art Journal

And then I received "a message".

"a message"

I breathed a sigh of contentment. Thank you Carla. I will treasure this "message" forever.
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