Tuesday, October 17, 2006

GOTHIC; 7 day Challenge; cheating? This is day 1 of a 7 day challenge to use 1 magazine to create 7 collages with cut and paste. Having chosen a Martha Stewart Living October issue from 2001, I truly felt like I was cheating. There are so many Halloween and autumn ideas. BUT, we'll see what I'm saying by the time I get to Day 7.

I was also thinking a lot about the Artwords theme for this week of "GOTHIC". At first I was thinking I would not participate this week but after looking through 2 of Martha's October issues I decided it would be difficult to decide which 1 to use.

In case the words are too small they read darkness, vampire, swoop and gouge.



Terri said...

Great day 1 Wendy. You are braver than I am for taking on this challenge. BTW, we got 3 inches of snow yesterday.....YUCK!

windy angels said...

This challenge is actually quite simple for me. I have quite a huge stash of magazines and I have no problem cutting into a majority of them. Fabric ~ now that's a challenge for me.
Agreed ~ YUCK!

Suzie Q said...

This is great, Wendy! :) One a day for 7 days - you are brave! I'm sure you'll excel yourself, as always. I'm totally with you on the cutting of fabric trepidation! Along with real books - I just can't bring myself to deface them, which is why I turned to the children's board books - cheaper & much easier on the conscience! lol! Good Luck with this challenge - can't wait to see the other 6!
Q xXx

windy angels said...

OK, see if I can not make a mess of the comment this time.
Thanks Suzie. Not really feeling like excelling at the moment even though the sun is shining.
I relly need those hugs.
Love you.

Rebecca L. said...

Way cool Windy!!!

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