Thursday, July 29, 2010

broken wing

This poor lovely soul has lost a wing. I dropped her and alas she has only one.

Myself, I feel broken too, as if without a wing. I did not drop myself. I have been spread far too thinly though. I have been pulled in so many directions. Mostly others needs have pulled me away. I have been pulled away from art. I have been pulled away from myself.

YET, I am amazed at how strong I have remained. At times, when my thoughts are seemingly filled with concerns, questions, and possible solutions, what one could call worry, I can mostly manage to pull myself out of that dificult place with a walk outdoors where I can admire the flowers, pull a few undesirables, quite easily find feathers or hear the cooing dove. There is even a dove at the farm. At least I have heard it. An even greater life saver is my art. At times I have really not felt like doing art. I have practically forced myself to do it. I know it will bring me peace and contentment, further strength. Sometimes I just need to think about art. I can think of possibilities of art quilts and canvas bags. I remember lovely examples at Amy Butler's or Cath Kidston's "homes". (Sorry I don't have time to grab the links. I know you can find them).
So now I will dream of the future of my art. I know I will soon be able to share my many new adventures in jewelry design and production. I will have completed altered books to share as well as vintage style designs.

As I leave you with angel blessings I hope that you will continue to keep me within your thoughts and prayers. I also hope that you will remain strong as well and especially remember that ART SAVES.

Angels be with you.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

some days

some days just feel like everything is asunder. everything topsy turvy. everything kind of day even brought me momentarily a world tipped sideways. what does that mean I wonder? how am I to cope with all the dis comfort, all the dis ease?
it feels that I am grieving so many people - not all dead but just gone.
it feels that I am grieving joy and jovial. they too seem just gone.
it feels that I am grieving nature.
I am tired of grieving.

kitty cat sits beneath legs of my chair. I hear her subtle movement. I find another feather. I carry it with me as I am taking Billy for his walk. it belongs with my collection. that is where I place it. I see angels and colours and sunsets. I hear the dove cooing. a sigh escapes me. I wonder when I might feel like getting back to art. I have played with technology. is that art? it always feels like cheating to me. I know it is not. it feels it is.

I hear the clock tick tock. I see the "I am amazing" sign turn in the breeze. I wonder who I am. I wonder if anyone cares. I know they do but I wonder.

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