Friday, October 13, 2006

Crowns ~ seeing in a different way. Frequently when I have looked at the art of mixed media artists I have observed crowns on collages. I can admire, but I have reassured myself that I need not use crowns on any of my collages. When my daughter was growing up she had this enjoyment with making crowns. You are probably thinking ~ pretty normal for a growing child. The only problem is ~ my daughter has this tendency to repetitive behaviour. She chose to make crowns frequently even when she was more mature. In the past few years she has grown away from the interest in making crowns. She occassionally displays other repetitive behaviour as part of her sensory integration issues. Yet crowns would never be something I chose to use on my artwork.

Tonight, I discovered a crown in a totally different light. I will never see crowns in the same way again. I may even try in some way to encourage "Cat" to make yet another crown. Certainly our daughter deserves one for her beauty and for how hard she tries. I love you Beautiful Angel.

Thank you Corey. You inspire many.


Suzie Q said...

Wow, Wendy! Thanks for the link to Corey's post. I'd never understood the fuss about crowns myself, but that post helped a lot!
Now I am keen to find out all about their symbolism. We shall have crowns all over our Art from now on! ;)

Glad you finally received your card - my pigeon must have been exhausted, poor thing! ;)

Have a beautiful Sunday :)
Much Love xXx

windy angels said...

Thanks for the Sunday wishes. You have a great one too. The post may have arrived earlier. We don't pick up our mail everyday at the postoffice.

Love you beautiful one.

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