Thursday, October 26, 2006

Very not perfect; very unfinished; how to proceed: Please don't laugh. The star piece was done with gel glue technique (ages ago). There were a couple of things I neglected to ask about ~ like how to use the dye ~ I found exactly the same dye Terri used BUT did not realize to add water. Oh well. I LIKE the green. At Terri's suggestion I let the piece soak for a few hours or more like a few days (I was busy with other stuff). The glue came off quite handily. I then embroidered the star piece. I think I got the hang of french twists BUT have probably forgotten again this many weeks later.
The background fabric on the left was done with caran d'ache crayons (Neocolor ll - water soluble). I found the directions in Quilting Arts magazine, (summer 2005), after I think Sue B, told me they can be used on fabric. I borrowed the magazine from library (may have to break down and buy it if I can figure out how ; ) I think I learnt to wait till the fabric is dry to darken
the colours.
The stitching on the star ~ I'm hoping it's still a problem with the tension adjustment and not something more serious. It actually fits with my imperfection attempts BUT...
OK ~ maybe we should all just laugh. It might feel better. I should have used the wonder-under before I put the star onto the background. Hmmm ~ could use that bottle of wine now. Oh, oh, it's all gone. I think there's chocolate though. Wait a minute. I'll be back at ya.

Let's see. I better remember the picture.
I'm not certain what to do with this once I have time to get back to it and do the wonder-under and peltex. I guess I need to do some quilting ~ never did anything but straight lines on a patterned piece of fabric. I'm brave though. What would you suggest ~ straight lines, what about thread? Decisions, decisions.


Sue B said...

ok well I think it looks great the way it is! The colors all look great together, the composition of the shapes is perfect and I like that you set the center square offset a bit. I say put a backing on it, satin stitch around the eges with maybe a variegated thread and it's perfect!

windy angels said...

Thanks Sue. I actually have a fancy thread for the edges.
Realizing I forgot to put links to you and Terri. Better get that happening, soon.

Kim said...

wow, sweetie... take a moment. Its just a sample, there are masterpieces to come! Nice, good job.

Suzie Q said...

Wendy, this is gorgeous! I'd love to offer suggestions, but I have none! You might as well be speaking a foreign language with all those brand names I've never heard of - wonder-under? peltex? what?!?!?

I grew up making my own clothes (knitting & sewing) and was an upholstery sewing machinist for many years, but would not have the patience to do anything like this now!

Well done you! Keep up the superb effort!

Much Love,
Q xXx

Nancy Baumiller said...

well i think you did a fab job! I know if i tried it it would end up looking like a raisin hehe...I can only straight stitch on my machine..well it does more than that...just never learned me chicken! lol I love the colours you used the stars...such a happy piece! Love and hugs! And will you send me your derned home address lol :D

BlueJude said...

Big curlicues on the right. Thats what I would do. And perhaps little ones on left, or some little x's. Just my thoughts. I like it so far....

Terri said...

Great Wendy! You're off to an excellent start. Don't worry about things not turning out how you want them. Remember...there's no such thing as perfection. You didn't mention size, is it a postcard?

Kate I said...

I'm not sure what you envisioned this beautiful piece to be, but I think it's perfect just the way it is! I love the colours, I love the 2 background pieces, I love the whimsical star...maybe it doesn't need to be too perfect because there's such a charm to it just the way it is! This sweet little star shine's so brightly for us all!

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