Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I've been tagged ~ couldn't have been much easier for me as I was working on my piece about self. I'll toss in a couple of extras just so it's not too repetitious from that post.
"Five Thoughts I Had While Creating"
1.Why did I cut my hair off so strange in number 2!
2. I like number four. I better write it down so I don't forget.
3. I need to use more bright. (I'll post
on this another day)
4. I love this fabric. I wonder what I might be able to do with it?
FORGET that it's nearly a top!(See scanned background in this

5. Oh, how could I portray all these beautiful purple birds I see
floating in my thoughts? (Few of you will know about this yet.
Someday I'll share.)

Thanks Darc. Fun stuff.


BlueJude said...

I want to know about those purple birds!! lol

Nancy Baumiller said...

Great thoughts Wendy! I too want to hear about those purple birds! Quite intriquing!

windy angels said...

PURPLE BIRDS! What purple birds? ;D You'll have to wait a bit ~ way too many pieces happening at the moment ~ one being a meeting with Cat's teacher this aft. I'm a tiny bit apprehensive but am certain it will be fine. BTW I've been asking for the meeting and expecting it.

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