Wednesday, February 24, 2010


still so often feeling like i flounder these days. wondering if that will ever change. having to remind self that i have been trying to organize for years now. the time draws near. completion. what ever might it be like to not have to keep moving things around to have a place to create.
in the meantime i continue to look to the sun for light and energy. i remind myself as often as i can that i might let the light shine from within.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a burst of juiciness

Amidst trying to do final (as if) organization in my creative spaces - I mean what kind of artist would one be if  always organized? I have still been trying to create. I know that "art saves". Of course organizing spaces within which to create can be creative in itself BUT - well I think you understand what I'm trying to say. If not, just skip to the picture.
While I have not been very participative in {ECHO} recently I just could not resist the word juicy. At first I mulled the word around in my brain and thought "everything in Saskatchewan is either grey or white right now." What kind of juiciness can I possibly find? Then I remembered the indoors. WOW! Then the sun was just not shining. How much juiciness might I be able to capture indoors without sunlight? OK already. It is February - very winter in Saskatchewan - no snowdrops, no tulips, no bare earth - outdoors anyway. Then the sun came out - only briefly. My world started to consider the possibilities. I have seen so many fabulous pictures of colour - particularly art supplies. I needed to do it my own way.

a burst of juiciness

With special thanks to Susan and Chrysti for this {ECHO} challenge.

Monday, February 22, 2010


when the barriers seem too great
I will continue on my path

Saturday, February 13, 2010

about love and hope and art

Some new art pages using pretty tape. They make it "pretty" easy to create a lovely journal page. The first picture is from a 1967 issue of Chatelaine.


 The following includes an image of my very dear friend - husband Greg - and myself, taken a couple of years ago on the occasion of our 25th wedding anniversary.


This art journal page for "HOPE" is my favourite of this group. I found the picture in a 1966 issue of Photoplay. It's about Carolyn Jones and her struggle with "mental illness".

My wish for you today is that of love and hope and many creative dreams, as well as the usual ~ "angels be with you."

Friday, February 12, 2010

true love

I met a new friend in the last few weeks. Her name is Christina. I visited her blog a few moments ago and was reminded of true love. As Valentine's day approaches and we take pause to remember our loved ones, I thought of this collage I made a number of years ago.

True love

I would like to remind you this day to think of those you love. I would like to remind you most of all to love yourself.

May angels be with you as you remember how much you are loved and also what your own love means to others.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

the library book

that book
I adored it
eye candy
for a pattern loving

came from afar
a library

must return

what shall 
I do
needs to be

on my table

I do not drink
nor have time
to admire

so I will find another
of my own
an older book
different very


will suffice
for the time
I do not have
to look at
eye candy



drink tea
vanilla hazelnut

in my mind

Above design images from Colefax and Fowler: The Best in Interior Decoration by Chester Jones.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Some days I feel SO in love with graffiti. Others I want to see vintage. Some days are photography. Others are  transfers. Some moments are sewing. Others are writing. Some seconds bring flowers. Others bring rust.
I think sometimes ~ they will observe me to be so in a muddle. Sigh. There are just countless artful pursuits I love. I used to tell folk that I do "mixed up media".

Cath Kidston - bright and cheery - playful prints.

dust cloths




I near drool at the memories. I remember the middle bedroom ~ the cottage at Manitou. Truly in the middle.

two windows
openings just
to the room
more a hallway
lined with couches
that could open
for sleep
leading to yet
another bedroom

those window openings
with curtains
a pathway
all on white
fluttering in the breeze
to cool me
as I nap

two windows
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