Thursday, June 28, 2007

Retreat? Well it feels like I was hardly ever gone. I didn't get a lot accomplished BUT I came to the realizations that:
1. When a person is on retreat they could choose not to be thinking - "I should do this and I should do that".

2. After a person has had a
very difficult year they could choose to not think they can do a great huge amount of art in one day or even just a few days that could be sold. HA. What kind of art might that be!
3.When a person has a great number of ideas and art supplies and space available they could
choose to focus on one thing that has not been tried before and might be fun.

That would be carving rubber stamps. I did a butterfly and a swirl and then had to get my mind around how to do words so that they would be backwards on the stamp, proper on the stamped. Of course it's very simple but how is it that people sometimes have a tendency to complicate things in one's mind! And of course I couldn't choose something simple like a little 3 letter word but of course had to choose my favourites:

The two pictures on the left are of tissue paper on which I did stamping and then huge swirly writing with my gold gelly roll pens which I love. I got the idea from the recent cloth paper scissors magazine.

Don't forget the pictures are clickable for better images.

The last has gotten quite a bit of attention on flickr.
HOPE Abounding

Monday, June 18, 2007


I'm all packed and ready to go for my annual retreat at Manitou Beach. I've been so fortunate for about the past 10 years to have part of a week by myself to just write and paint and read and go for long walks.
I've been busy.

I will be doing a tutorial on the May journal quilt soon after I get back, I think.

Angels be with you,

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lost children, missing children - that's what the group called Yah,what is all about. The group was started by Dan Buck. I can't help but being drawn into this fabulous group of artists, people. Dan does marvelous digital art. Please take some time to see what he has to say.
Some of the images I have put on the group pool:
Treasured memories

strong, free, ME

The Right to be ME

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Life as a windyangel: Phew - some days it feels like my head is absolutely spinning. I know. I know. We've all been there. That's part of the reason I was so pleased when I had gone to visit Janet at jkbees and discovered this gem. Note that I've put it quite high on my links. Thanks Janet. This is so right on.

I've got lots of works in progress to share. I've been trying to rearrange or maybe I should say arrange things in the craft room I established just
before Easter. My living room was refound. I still tend to use the living room lots for the actual doing but I can quite easily take things back downstairs. I've a couple of storage cupboards I'm using. One has just recently been labeled, almost. I forgot the photo of that. The other one is downstairs.
I decided I needed some way to display ALL of the wonderful presents I've received through swaps and such. I've been working on a bulletin board.

Then I remembered the church window at the cottage at Manitou. I got it at an auction or something over 15 years ago. Greg has been working on it a couple of times to get the glass out and smooth it a bit. It will be wonderful for displaying fabulous creations.

The dirty old medicine cabinet came from the farm. It's been sitting in an old garage for quite some time and I just got it yesterday. It will need quite a lot of work but I think it will make a beautiful display case.

The other thing I am working on slowly is my May journal quilt. The process is slowed for a couple of reasons - the main one being I want to do a tutorial with it. I want to make it good so will take some time. Keep checking back. Maybe I can do it this week yet or maybe not till next. One never knows where the spirit may lead.
Angels be with you.
evening clouds - taken at farm on Saturday night. I love how the clouds turned out. Please click to visit this picture on flickr and view on black. Mmmmm
evening clouds
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