Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ice: Truthfully, I love the snow too. But the ice is treacherous. I'm back at home after only one hour. A section of road we needed to travel on was disastrous. We were nearly in the ditch three times. Thank goodness for a good driver and angels watching over us. He, the driver, being the CEO of the regional College, decided to postpone the meeting. Apparently there were a couple of deaths in the southern part of the province over night because of the ice. Not worth the risk.

Most people don't have their winter tires on yet. We've an appointment to have ours put on tomorrow morning.

Now I'll wait to see when the decision is to actually do the meeting. Should mention we returned on a side gravel road, much safer.

After I get off these pins and needles I might actually get some art done.

I just got a call and apparently the meeting's going ahead. We'll join with conference call.



Terri said...

Hi Wendy, glad to know you're safe and sound. We are having a heavy wet snow here today. The temps are above freezing, but I'm afraid of what will happen tonight after dark..glad I don't have to venture out until Thursday morning.

Suzie Q said...

Oh My! I feel so fortunate to only have mud to worry about. I sincerely hope all is well and you get those tyres fitted tomorrow!
Is this normal for this time of year or is it freak weather? We've had grey skies for a few days, the kind that look like they're filled with snow, but it's still quite warm here for the time of year. Spooky!
Take good care of yourselves. Tread softly...
Love & Hugs,

windy angels said...

Yes Terri, good you don't have to travel till Thursday. I think we'll get melting tomorrow.
Suzie, this is kind of unusual but in Sask. you never know, just as in our surrounding provinces and states, ie. North Dakota where Terri lives and Montana.
Yes, spooky.

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