Monday, April 3, 2006

Do you ever feel you are not being heard? My head was bobbing uncontrollably in response. Oh yes, often.
I was conversing with a new massage therapist . She was testing the waters of my TMJ situation. Not good. Those jaws have been giving me problems, forever - it feels. Clenched teeth - of course. Clenched body - near always.
I'd never had anyone ask about "not being heard". She was making a suggestion and I could totally see the connection.

Shortly after I started my writing I was asked why did you share them? Initially my writing was totally therapeutic. It seemed to come poring from my being. It felt that I was not even thinking about the words appearing on the pages. Yet the tears, were flowing.

You may be wondering also why I have chosen to share - to share a part of my life.

I feel a need to be heard. I feel I have something valuable to offer, even though it may be to only one or two individuals. I feel free when I can create. I feel we need more beauty in our lives. Furthermore:

Why Did I Share Them?
You asked me Why?
Maybe it is a baring of my soul.
It is also
Much, much more.

Art is to be shared.

I am helper, too.

I want others to find
A part of themselves.
A part that may be
Difficult to find.

Why did I share them?
I want to be heard
To share thoughts,
I want you to know
What is inside.

I want you
To share more -
A part of yourself.

Maybe you can see
My pain,
And your own
More clearly.

Why did I share them?
The answer
May be simple -
God asked me to.

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