Monday, April 10, 2006

About hearts:
Last night I found a blog with a unique photo of a heart on it.
As I wait to get a digital camera I'll post this little story which I remembered and couldn't have thought of at a better time. The modified photo is from my garden bench taken a couple of years ago. The heart is actually a stone. Oh, I love those treasures.

The Heart
It was a brilliant bright red. Most decidedly it was the shape of a heart. The heart was shaped like the hearts I draw, not perfectly symmetrical. I do not like perfection much.
The time was early morning, about 4:30. The day was Maundy Thursday. I happened to look in the mirror, as I often do when I am washing my hands at the sink.
Fortunately, I�d seen something like this before, and had gone through the worry and phone calls over a year ago. This time, there was only a glint of concern. Instead, I wondered what the brilliant, bright red heart was meant to tell me. Did it mean I was to love myself better? Maybe God was reminding me how much he loved me?
As I climbed back into bed I tried not to worry about the heart in the white of my right eye. I tried to think more about what the heart represented.

The day came and went. The heart lightened in colour as the days passed. Easter approached. As the heart faded, I decided to try to never forget about the heart in my eye.

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