Tuesday, April 4, 2006

The power of words:
You have noticed that I like to imagine I am playing, and actually do even indulge occasionally. You will also have noticed, I hope, that I like very much to play with words. "Poring" - I don't think so. I liked the image it portrayed - even stronger than "pouring".
I also hope that I know, enough, when it is extremely important not to play with words. I hope that you've taken time to read "the Beautifuls". If you haven't please do so, soon. If you already have, read it again or at least take a moment to think about it.
This morning I was taking a moment to think about it. Cat was near ready to leave for school. Out of my mouth popped (not quite) the words - See you later "beautiful strong angel". The strong word was new. The rest wasn't. My private soak in the tub was invaded. Oh well, this was important. She - What? I repeated. She - No, that's you. I - Thanks, but it's you too.

She's going out the door. She - I love you.


naomi said...

Windy, I've enjoyed your visits my way and yes, words have the power to bring life or detroy and kill.


windy angels said...

Thanks so much much for your comment. I've been looking at your blog as well as thecrafty-girl prior to starting this blog. That's what gave me the idea. And I'm having such fun.
Thanks again.

blessings back

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