Tuesday, April 18, 2006

When I found this critter (a dry mushroom top about the size of my fist) I couldn't help but feel that she was laughing. At first I thought she was laughing at me but I really think she was laughing with me. I was so happy to find her that I could not feel very badly.
It was Saturday morning and I had my friend's camera with me. I was snap, snap, snapping photos in the creek on a ramble. This was my second day with the camera. I thought I was learning lots, certainly getting much practice. Suddenly I was struck by this huge honking. I glanced up to see twelve graceful swans migrating. I was awestruck. They were very close.
Instantly I thought of camera. I quickly turned it back on. The disappointment was only momentary. Yes, they were too far away and I was too slow to get a picture. What did it matter? I'd experienced the magic. And besides, I had someone to laugh with me.


Rambling Chick said...

I love that. I think too you have to live for the moment instead of worrying about photographing it. I like your writing style here, it sounds so natural, just as though you were speaking.

windy angels said...

Thanks Dear! I checked your photos just before saw your e-mail - cool snaps.

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