Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Life is Good : part 3 or 526,197,378 depending on how I look at it. I've come to the realization that I cannot agonize over what Julia Cameron or anyone is suggesting I do. For the moment I don't feel comfortable with the group with whom I am studying the Artist's Way but I think I've already figured out that I can't let that get in the way of my every day progress, journey. Though I've not previously studied Julia, I seem quite familiar with what she suggests. I know from people that have previously worked with me that I can go to very uncomfortable places in my mind. I typically need the assistance of one of these helpers when I go anywhere near that place. Along the way I've also learned ways of helping myself to get past the difficult place until they are beside to help me through, to help ground me, to put their foot on my foot if necessary to help me find that place where I can feel more secure. I feel good this morning about my journey. I feel good about how I am, almost unknown to myself typically, helping others. I feel good about the group of people at knitting. Though I'm not usually at peace with larger groups of people I am getting to know some of these people better. Jamie intrigues me. She is young. She is part of a cooperative on the internet. She is looking for fabric, of the best kind for making diapers. She is knitting pants for over her babies diapers. She is committed to what she believes. I like to listen to her talk. I like to prompt her to tell us more about what she knows, what she is doing.

And the days are getting longer with more opportunity for natural sunlight. Billy Boy pooch and I found deer tracks right up to our yard this morning. The poor deer are having difficulty finding food this winter. We live close to the golf course which is on the outside edges, nearly, of our tiny City. We often were seeing the tracks when we went for our morning walks but today they are right up to our yard. I can't tell if they have come into the yard because of too many other human kinds of tracks but I am thrilled. Deer are wonderful. Sometimes in the summer we catch the scent of skunk close by. That I could do without.

Yes, life is good, provided I take moments to stop to think about it.

Angels be with you.


Debra said...

Hi Wendy,

I hope this post gets to you. I type many but they just disappear somehow!
A nice positive thinking post there. I like that you're spotting deer tracks, how lovely. They're so elegant and shy!
Stay happy, love Debra X

Debra said...

Oh and I will be posting off your little surprise tomorrow! X

windy angels said...

Thanks Debra, I'll be looking forward to that surprise. Yes, I love the deer. Afternoon was not quite so positive but I figured some things out this evening that will help.

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