Friday, March 9, 2007

Dream jar: Last Saturday on CaC (create a connection) a dream jar was suggested by Jennifer. I see she actually called it a wish jar. I like dream jar so will stick with that. I really liked the idea and finally got to making one last night. The photos are taken outside because I love "outside" and I am so happy the weather is being warmer and I can take pictures outside more easily again. The sun was, and still is, thank goodness, shining too - a perfect time for dreaming. I should mention that I got the images on the jar from the collage images pool at flickr, a wonderful sharing site. I think they were both from redbudinnh.
My dreams would include more reachable ones:
- starting an etsy shop and selling more of my artwork.
- getting a new kitten, cat.
- creating much more of my art.
- feeling more comfortable within my own body (long story - I'm working on it, with a very
good team I am told.)
- getting to spend a week by myself during which I can create to my heart's content (this has been happening every year for the past nearly 10 years thanks to Greg and other wonderful helpers).
- getting to create in a 100 year old house for a day or afternoon (I've been invited and have every intention of accepting the offer.
More far fetched dreams:
- getting to travel this year with Greg as we both turn 50 and will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year also. (I love to travel and we need time away with each other).
Pie in the sky dreams (the best kind sometimes):
- owning a horse and learning to ride.
- living in the country.
- living by the ocean.
- returning to Australia and New Zealand, particularly because I have friends there now.
- returning to Amsterdam - I love the flowers and other things.
- travelling to the UK and getting to meet Suze and Jude in person - they are so dear to me.

As I wipe the tears from my eyes I must move on to the creation piece again. Maybe I'll go outside and play with Billy a bit before I do that. I need more sun.
I forgot to mention that I found the little nest this morning when I was out taking Billy for his walk. It was laying on the street if you can imagine. Maybe someone was brushing snow off their roof or something. I picked it up immediately when I realized what it was - number four in my little collection.
Angels be with you as you think on your own dreams.


nyjlm said...

Oh Wendy, your jar is so pretty. I like dream jar too.

I decorated a jar as well, I need to find a good place to take a picture of it.

windy angels said...

Thanks for stopping by Jennifer. I'll look forward to seeing your dream jar.


melba said...

I LOVE this post! Your jars are BEAUTIFUL!!!

I wish all your wishes come true!


windy angels said...

Thanks Melba for stopping by, for the compliments and the wishes. I was still seriously thinking of adding wire to the jar. We'll see if I have some time.

Wendy XO

Debra said...

Yes a lovely post. I like your dreams! It would be lovely to see you here in New Zealand! (Although I think it looks so beautiful where you live!)...
You're so lucky, (deserving!), to find your fourth bird's nest! I'm always hoping to happen upon one some dsy soon, ha! We need to get out more I suppose ;-)
Your jars are lovely as I said at Flickr... great idea! X

suzie q said...

Love the jars, Wendy, and the wishes/dreams. I'm sure Jude & I would be only to happy to meet you in any one of those beautiful places! We'll visit Jude's relatives in Oz, mine in NZ, then party in Amsterdam before heading back to the UK with you! How's that?! Oh, and we mustn't forget to pop to Canada, too!! Sounds marvellous to me! :D

So glad you did this, Wendy, and I hope all your dreams come true...

Much Love & plenty of Angels.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Suze xXx

Jennifer DiGiuseppe said...

Wendy, your dream jar is really beautiful. What wonderful dreams...I hope that they come true. I'm inspired now to try making one too.

windy angels said...

Debra, thanks for stopping by. I've always loved nature. My Mom found the first nest for me. She loves the outdoors though rarely gets out now in the wintertime. She's had too many bones break and doesn't have proper winter gear. But she'll be back out when the weather turns warmer.
Life is different when you have young children.
Wendy XO

windy angels said...

Yes, Suze, we can do the rounds. The dream jar was fun to make. Give it a try. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just play with it.
Love you,
Wendy XO

windy angels said...

Thank you Jennifer for stopping by. I'm in process of getting your swap surprises ready. I love these swaps - great times.
You didn't mention your daughter's name in your e-mail. You and she could probably have fun with a dream jar. Sounds like you're doing terrific things with her. The geocaching and letterboxing sound like great fun.

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