Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Artist's date? It probably doesn't qualify as it was unplanned, I was just getting groceries and the mail and it only lasted for a few minutes. I was really in need of purchasing something for myself. The last 36 hours have been the kind where I frequently needed to remind myself to breathe. I was having difficulty concentrating for morning pages, and found it necessary to do affirmations whilst trying to get my three pages written. This is mostly in relation to Cat's education. We've come against some frustrations. We're going to be OK though. I did my two e-mails, one to angel helpers and one to the school principal. Once I've expressed my concerns I feel better. Now I have to trust that there will be the best outcome possible. It's kind of out of my hands.
I DID purchase this Country Living magazine today. I used to love to buy the magazine but haven't given myself the pleasure in the last while. Dear Mary Ann has had the opportunity to attend a couple of their events recently so I thought the least I could do is buy the magazine. I didn't even realize it was the entrepreneur issue with extra perks in the back. YES! WENDY -you made a good decision.

More finished projects to show tomorrow I hope.
Angels be with you.


suzie q said...

I love that magazine and get secondhand copies from time to time. Much cheaper! Please share a few of the clues on p.49 if you get a chance! ;)
Sincerely hoping all works out well with Cat's education. You're coping very well and remaining so positive - Yay you!! :)
Much Love & warm hugs,
Suze xXx

BlueJude said...

Cool beans! Will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing

windy angels said...

Thanks for the on-going encouragement Suze, all will be well. I have great faith and trust in God.

Thanks for your frequent visits Darc.

Angels and hugs,
Wendy XO

Maggie said...

I know what magazine to get for my airplane ride next week. I hope its still on the stands.
I still miss the Victoria magazine.

windy angels said...

Yes Maggie, good choice. I miss the Victoria magazine too.

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