Sunday, March 4, 2007

"And I think to myself, WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD" - I have completed my February journal quilt, only four days late. That's OK. I'm trying to worry less - kind of like a lenten sacrifice, New Year's resolution, dream wish for life. The journal quilt is for the CPS journal quilt group to which I belong. I think the quilt, together with the words on cardstock explain the quilt enough for now. To read the poem Orange, see the post from yesterday.
I'll talk more about the embroidery another day. I started morning pages and they still need to be completed, huh, it's almost 10 p.m. I want to tell you about what's been happening.
Angels be with you.


suzie q said...

So excellent, Wendy. (I love that stamp on the bottom of the card/description). Well done for being kind to yourself, and for starting the Morning Pages!
Can't wait to hear your news...

Suze xXx

sweet memories said...

hI there, I spent some time reading a little of your blog this morning so I can get started on my swap! Your colors, fabrics, and art is so peaceful and serene...I enjoyed taking a tour around your blog to see what I can find out about your passions...I have an idea for a package, I am certainly not as creative as you, but I do have an idea...fabrics, laces,?? items that you can create with along with a few hand crafted items? let me know what your current passions are so I can get started on something sweet for you....and your shipping address too!

NancyB said...

Beautiful piece Wendy! I adore that song too! xoxo Nance

windy angels said...

Thanks Suze - I'm not sure about these morning pages. I'm starting to stress about the whole thing. Yipes! How are yours going?
Love you.
Angels for you dear.

windy angels said...

sweet memories - Thank you for the compliments. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get something you have created but please don't agonize over it. I've been looking at your blog too. I can't find your actual name anywhere. You sound very much like me in trying to find balance in your life. My situation is different but I worry lots too. I'm so glad you took Melba's advice and decided to join the swap. I really look forward to getting to know you better. I've changed my profile so that you can e-mail me and then we can share more info. Just go to my profile and find it there. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you. I hope this Monday is going well for you.
Angels be with you.

windy angels said...

Thanks for stopping by Nance. Angels be with you.
Wendy XOXO

artsyfran said...

Lovely piece. I am always inspired by that song! xoxo, fran

windy angels said...

Thanks Fran. The song keeps coming back to me again and again.
Wendy XOXO

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