Saturday, January 16, 2010

without cease

These words come to my mind so easily this day. How many people in the world are still thinking, and  praying, without cease, for the situation in Haiti? Most certainly there are those with seemingly "no heart". Yet I see around me so much good, so much thought, so much consideration, for these people, this land of Haiti, which was already so impoverished.
I choose to not listen to the news. I choose to not see the pictures. My heart already bleeds for all the sadness in the world. Instead I will try to concentrate on peace and calm and joy, that my prayers, my thoughts, may perhaps impart some tiny bit of calm to those in fear, in grief, in suffering. I will concentrate on sending angels to whatever poor suffering souls may recognize some tiny bit of light within their darkness.

 I will try to share with you some of the people whom I have encountered online who are trying to help, some who are, or have been, very near geographically, and still others who are near in spirit. Please put thought to ways in which you may be able to help. Every tiny bit makes a difference.
The Livesay [Haiti] blog was brought to my attention a couple of days ago. I find it more comfortable to read than looking to ongoing news coverage. I know the tragedy is immense. As I said - trying to maintain for myself some calm.
Jenny Doh at her CRESCENDOh blog has written a thoughtful article where she also introduces Rebecca Sower who recently visited Haiti and speaks to the importance of trying to assist crafters of Haiti at the recently opened Haiti by Hand etsy shop.  At the time I am preparing this post I observe there are currently no items for sale. I am certain Rebecca will be attempting to list more hearts as soon as possible.

There are numerous ways of assisting fiancially. We chose to donate to Unicef as that is a place we have been donating for many years. Where will YOU choose to donate? How will you choose to assist? I know that you will be helping through thought, and prayer (if that is what you believe).

Angels be with you dear friends as you continue to hold hope within your heart for those near and dear to you as well as for those most needing hope in this time.

~ ((((Haiti))))  ~

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