Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have never before chosen to have a "word" for a New Year. Yet I have observed many of my friends doing so when January rolls round. Sometimes I see these words even before the New Year has begun. For myself, it typically seems that I believe in taking each new day as it comes, each new moment as it arrives. Please do not get me wrong. I am not criticizing. I think that recording dreams and goals and "to dos" is a very marvelous way of being organized and very much working towards these ends or perhaps more preferably stated as "beginnings".

This year seemed different. I had no intention of picking a word though perhaps I felt I could. One day as I was reclined on our bed, not quite ready to begin my day officially, I was thinking about those things I MUST remember to do. I reminded self that I must remember to drop my shoulders frequently. I must remember to get up from my computer (or sewing machine once I get back to it) on a regular basis and do some stretches. I must move from one foot to the other occasionally while standing that I might be more grounded. And then my list of not quite 100 dreams. So many of those dreams ~ dance, sing, relax, create ~ seemed to lead me to one word. The word practically jumped right into my conscious. I thought - IT'S MY WORD! I will share it. I will make art with it. I will try to remember it - everyday!

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