Saturday, January 9, 2010

of dreams

I was invited to participate in a group. Not only was I excited to enter because it is new and sounds exciting, but I am enthused because the young lady who invited me, Andrea, is also from Canada, actually from Winnipeg and in the scheme of things Winnipeg is not so very far away. I am dreaming of meeting in person more of the on-line friends I have encountered and I believe that if they live closer to me and in Canada, there is a much better possibility of that happening.
This group is about making dreams come true. Because I've not been doing much art lately and because I prefer that to spending more time at the computer typing, I decided to journal my list of 100 dreams which Andrea has suggested.

I actually ran out of time today so my list only has about 70 so far.

I believe that is a good start considering my "word" for this year, which I will share with you in a day or two. I only started the list today. I was also working on some other art for another post.

My list of dreams:

 OH, do not pay too much attention to some of these dreams. I am getting a bit old(er) and ... Maybe I should say that this list should be rated perhaps a PG13. And please note that I just wrote as things came to mind. OK, I am talking about number 14. It all fits together with my word.

Number 17 is quite important. I'll need to explain more about that in another post as well.

I should also comment about the grey area between dreams and "to dos". I think sometimes the list slips more into a "to do" but maybe that is part of what dreams are about.

Happy dreaming dear friends.


Tess said...

What a creative idea. To paint journal pages and then list dreams upon them. These will be so much more fun to look back on from time to time throughout the year . Much more fun than I typed sheet of white paper. Thanks for sharing your dreams with us.

ABCcreativity said...

i totally love this wendy!!!!!
i didn't realise you were so close! maybe we will be able to meet up one day.

Patti said...

I love your dreams!! I share many, I suppose being creative women we always want to focus on the work in the studio (you're right, #17 does require an explanation) rather than being pulled in a thousand directions. thanks so much for sharing, meeting you has brought an angel into my life!!

Jenn H said...

What a lovely list...your pages are beautiful! Walking barefoot in the ocean sounds so nice!

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

Thank you for sharing your dreams.
They are wonderful. Maybe I should try this, maybe I will.

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