Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dreaming for spring: Over the past days I have put together these journal pages as well as doing a video surrounding them and the idea of waiting for spring. One of the pictures on the video actually shows the journal on top of snow. I fear we may have snow for many weeks yet. If we are fortunate it will disappear sooner. If not, well, I'll just keep dreaming.

I had so much fun with these journal pages. I look forward to creating many more. And the next step will of course be canvases. I've one started, a flat canvas. I must see where I might take that.

dreaming for spring on buffet

dreaming watching waiting for spring

dreaming for spring left art journal page

I have also been adding items slowly to my etsy shop. Between writing descriptions, taking pictures, listing items, putting together videos, and trying to do my regular routine, sigh, there's little room for creating. Ah, creating. I will get to it, all in good time.

Thanks to everyone for the support through these times when I've had little room for visiting your lives. I do intend to get back to that. And thanks for any prayers that might be coming our way. They are so greatly appreciated.

Please remember to stop by my etsy at angelsdreams.

Now it's back to investigating - a place where I might get my photos enlarged. I hope to put many more photos on my etsy shortly.

Angels be with you in all your endeavours.


Today: In Seven said...

Stumbled in and just wanted to say hi. Nice work. Stay warm!

I would like to invite you to leave a comment on my blog. At my blog I ask people to tell me about their day in seven words or less. Just leave me a comment with your seven words, you can do it anonymously. If you'd rather not, then have a nice day.

windy angels said...

Thanks for todayinseven. It was fun.

KarenHarveyCox said...

I love your videos Wendy, you are so good at these. I stopped by your new Etsy shop. Yah!!! I bought something too, now I will have a lovely reminder of you at home. Wonderful journals here too. Blessings, Karen

Pearl Maple said...

Thanks for sharing with us. You might be waiting a while for spring but your art always shines with lots of bright happy colors.

Thanks for your kind comments

Leah said...

beautiful pages!!

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