Saturday, March 29, 2008

CREATIVE EVERY DAY - WOW, I can hardly believe that it's so close to April and I've hardly been doing any creating. I think I'll have to peruse what I have all created for creative every day 2008 and for myself. Maybe I've forgotten. More so I've been busy creating organization from what often seemed chaos.

I've been busy the past 3 months with lots of cleaning. Initially I was doing major work in our basement so I might have my very own studio. Now more recently I've been trying to clean in my brother and parent's place a bit at the farm so there might be room to place some of the things they are choosing to bring from the house in the City in which my parents lived for a number of years. My parents have been mainly living at the farm again recently so my brother might provide the care and attention they both need as their age increases and their memories continue to fail. The house in Regina has been sold. Fortunately the purchasers are neighbours who have agreed to keep much of the furniture my parents are not interested in keeping. This even includes dishes, pots and pans, and pictures on the wall. They have also advised not to worry about doing a major cleanup as they will be moving things in and out, so agreed we should not look after those details. How fortunate we are.

The REALLY EXCITING piece of all this is that I have been finding and acquiring some treasures, to me. As I was cleaning the basement here I had found old stencils from more than ten years ago. I can't remember what else I found here. I CAN tell you about the pieces which Greg just brought in. He had made a trip to Regina to help with some more packing and moving. He went by himself to have more room in our van to bring a love seat which I needed for the basement. I was wishing to have room in the studio for it. Instead I will choose to put in a vintage cupboard that had actually belonged to my aunt and uncle. They had built the house initially. It had never been taken out by their daughter. I also got a small green cupboard which I had totally not remembered. Greg KNEW I would want it. He also brought some vintage sock dryers and wooden apple boxes. All these finds make the sweat and tears worth it to me. I forgot to mention the box of magazines - more Chatelaines from the 60s, a couple of Post and Life magazines also.

A couple of weeks ago we brought a buffet cupboard from the farm that was in one of the outer buildings. The buffet used to be inside the farm house. My family agreed I could have that a few years ago. It looks great in the studio.

To keep this post of reasonable length I won't take time now to show the backgrounds I FINALLY got to do last night and today. I'll show them tomorrow. I think I'll try to do a video about my studio and the vintage finds. Might take a while. I'll see what I can do.

art journal pages for IG - details from the first spread

art journal pages for IG - more pets

The pictures are from a journal I worked with for a project of a friend's niece. The journal is to travel as far as possible in a certain amount of time. I felt very honoured to be asked to participate and really had fun doing it.

art journal pages for IG - our weekly newspaper

art journal pages for IG - pets and other

art journal pages for IG - envelopes

Till tomorrow, may angels be with you.

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