Saturday, May 26, 2007

Playing again: Just learning, practicing, with the programs I have available to me. I need much more time, much more practice. I don't have a lot of either right now so don't expect to see anything more from this in near future. I've also downloaded a fractals program which for certain I don't have time to play with. Must remember to be gentle with myself though - allow play time occasionally.
Angels be with you.


suzie q said...

It's all so time-consuming, isn't it?! Such fun, though! ;) I love what you're doing, and the fractals programmes are dangerous - they take over your life if you're not careful! ;) Haven't done any for a while, but who knows... it's a very wet Sunday here! ;)

Art is calling, I've been unable to play this week, and I'm missing it a lot! Thank you for sharing all this inspiration, beautiful one..

Have a beautiful Sunday, and a wonderful week ahead...filled with Angels :)

Love to you all,
Suze xXx

windy angels said...

Hoping you're having a wonderful week and some time to play too. fabulous news can be stressful too.
Happy days. Angels be with you,
Wendy XO

artsyfran said...

Do be good to yourself, my dear friend. We all need to create at our own pace and to find a place within us that is ready to create. Don't feel a need to creat complete works. Just do things for yourself. Journal, doodle, play.

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