Saturday, May 19, 2007

Captured: We're at the farm for a few days. The weather has turned cruddy. Besides being very windy it also became very cold yesterday. A bit North of Humblodt there was actually snow yesterday. Saskatchewan weather!
But as we approached the farm yesterday the skies seemed to clear. This morning, just before lunch, I took the van to get some pictures which I was going to use for printing and trying to do sketches from. As I got closer to the birdhouse a bird flew out, much to my surprise. She was quite gray with only tiny bit of blue. I was uncertain. I caught the flash of blue to my right. Of course. The Momma was apprehensive as I drew near to the nest. Now Poppa was nervous as well. I was surprised he stayed on the post as long as he did for me to snap. I was quite pleased that I even caught him in flight. I am typically too unsteady to get decent photos without the tripod but these turned out all right.

Last year I'd been for a walk here and was trying to snap the bluebirds. It was earlier in Spring and they kept flying on as I tried to capture. My vicinity today so close to the babies made the difference. I'm happy - angels in flight.


suzie q said...

Oh, Wendy, these pictures have made me very happy! I've never seen bluebirds before! I saw blujays in Florida and thought they were amazing - these look so incredibly blue! Incredible captures! The one in flight - wow! well done you! :)
Thank you so much for sharing them... and that lovely blue sky! ;)

Oh, the Angels are keeping us company! Blessings & Hugs to you xXx Much Love, Suze xXx

Anonymous said...


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