Friday, November 17, 2006

Chief of elephants.
Protector of All.
If he heard sign of danger
Far off,
Or near,
He would run,
Gather in all to safety,

His own
He kept close by,
Especially Youngest.
She needed most protection.

He felt responsible
When danger came near
Or even touched,
Especially Youngest.

Perceived danger -
He was there,
Especially Youngest,
But all.

Wonderful Chief of Elephants.
I, Youngest,
Am so proud
To call you Dad.

March 23, 2004

This is about my Dad, then. He is now 83 years old. I wanted to share this today as he is having a minor surgery this afternoon. I love him very much.

I suppose I should mention that I hold grave concern about the elephants and their plight. When we were on safari in Africa I saw elephants as such a wonderful creation of God, even though they created some devastation of trees in areas where they moved. I love elephants very much.


Judy Scott said...

Hi there I hope all is well with your dear dad will think of him darling, hugs Jude x

tammy vitale said...

lovely poem. and yes, elephants are wondeful. lucky you to see them. when I was in zambia I only saw the signs of their passing...apparently they were all in Zimbabwe. But we sat in the middle of a moving herd of giraffes for a while and that was pretty awesome too.

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