Monday, November 20, 2006

Our daughter, Cat, on watercolour - collaged, incomplete. This is the piece I had started on Saturday. I took a photograph and because it was leaning against a background I decided to digitally add black and charcoal around outside.

Yesterday Cat had a tiny seizure. She is fine. About 8 - 9 years ago she had been on medication for epilepsy. Then she had been seizure free and was able to go off the medication.

I believe this seizure was totally stress related. The transition to the huge high school has been very difficult. The program Cat had been in at the public school was very specialized for her. One could say she was spoiled. One said she deserves to be spoiled. I agree. A
t the high school they do not know how intricate her complexities are. They need to learn.

If you want to see the pictures of Cat in more detail, or more of them, go to either "Cat - now" or "our daughter - then".

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated at this time.

I love you Beautiful Angel.


Leah said...

my thoughts and prayers are with your daughter. i hope things get smoother and calmer for her soon.

Suzie Q said...

Love the collage, Wendy, with all the little pictures around the edge. So precious.

I hope Cat's feeling much better today and I'm sending my love and big hugs for you both.

Stay warm & well.
Love you. xXx

Nance said...

Love your collage with your daughter! So very sweet! I hope she is doing better and sending her and you big hugs and prayers! Schools irritate me mostly because they just don't take the time or have the time to really get to know their students and their needs! The school my girls are in is more of a stress for me than anything and seriously thinking of home schooling..but at the same time their need to be around other children. Very tough! They have other schools around here that I might check into that hopefully one of the schools will benefit my girls! My youngest is on the hyper side and cant stay focused but and my oldest is like me a visualist..shes a show me person..and reading doesnt get it for her..I so hope your daughter out grows these seizures, I have been around children with seizures and it just breaks my heart! Give her lots of love from me! She is a special angel like her Mama! All my best and lots of love!

artsyfran said...

Lovely way to support your daughter. :) Hope things get better for her soon!
xoox, Fran

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