Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Altered book cover ~ my first. I've just got my initial picture of what I've actually started. I have much of it planned with pictures and words printed. I was hoping to do more today but we've had dreadful news which I'll tell more about as soon as I'm able. My thanks again to Nancy, http://www.somethingtwocrowabout.typepad.com/ Nancy, please go ahead with your next tutorial. I'll catch up when I'm able. Should mention I'm REALLY excited about this altered book project.The picture ~ note the chocolates at top left corner, I need to have artificially sweetened ones because of my diabetes, but still can't resist my chocolate. I also don't have a brayer so just used my marble rolling pin as suggested by my artist friend. AND I didn't have time to paint on magazine pages so used paper which I had purchased previously. It wasn't all scraps but I love fancy paper. I'll also be busy with farming for a couple of days so may not be posting about the art. I hope to get back to it soon.


Nancy Baumiller said...

My prayers to you and yours for whatever it may be...but you are always included in my prayers...I will just say a little extra one for you!
Great start on the book cover!
Hey chocolate is chocolate with sugar or without! Bless you darlin'
I dont have a brayer either sometimes I use my fingers to push out any air bubbles or an old credit card.
Farming is hard work...don't over do yourself...but I know with farming that can't be helped! Hope you get some 'you' time soon! Much love and hugs!

Suzie Q said...

So sorry about your news, Wendy. You enjoy those chocolates - life is too short, eh?

The book cover is coming on nicely, I hope you get plenty of fun out of joining in with Nancy's tutorials - the next one is just amazing, the fastest technique I've ever known, and the results are stunning!

Harvest time for you? I hope it's abundant, and that you will get time to play soon..

'til then, Take Care xXx

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