Thursday, May 4, 2006

From my greenhouse shelf: On this sunny May 4 morning I choose to tell you about my greenhouse shelf. I was planning to go outdoors early to take a couple of garden photos - only two flowers in my garden to this point in time. When I looked out I first saw the bright sunshine but when I looked down my hopes were dashed. There was a sprinkling of snow - so much for taking garden photos.
Instead I will tell you about the shelf. We've been kind of slow with getting the greenhouse up this year. There have been other priorities - work and farming and work and farming. Oh well. That's priorities. I think today we can get the plants into it.
Really there are not so many plants to put on the greenhouse shelves. I'm not certain what happened this past winter with the plants we typically over winter in the basement with grow lights. Beasties seem to have taken over. The hugest loss was all of my ivy. Only one tiny stem remains. I had huge, near ancient plants with which I have done so much. I've had a heart shaped topiary and a globe shaped topiary. I've had a tomato stand up turned with numerous ivy spreading over to make it look it look like a tree. Last year I had ivy in a twig stand. It was so "sweet". I guess this will be the eulogy. I am sad. I must remember how beautiful they were and move on to other lovely things.
Before I put acatual plants on the shelves I decided to do some still life photos. Some of my creations are on the shelf. They help bring back happy memories.
Please see "my photos" link.
p.s. If you know of someone close by that I can get ivy cuttings from I would be so happy.

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