Friday, May 5, 2006

The Castle:
For the past couple of years I have been in a time where I am trying to find my place. I am very fortunate to have a family that is so patience as I struggle to find something I really enjoy doing and want to do. Ah, the life of a poor struggling artist.

The Castle
The image blurs, again.
I can see it.
Sometimes it is near,
Sometimes it is far.
I can see the bridge is down,
Has been for a time,
Quite some time.
But why will my feet
Not take me in?

I have been away, too long.
I have been helping others,
To cross their own bridges,
To see their own castles.

I have been inside this castle.
I have felt its' warmth.
I have felt its' safety.
I have known its' beauty.
I have searched its' nooks and crannies.

Will my feet
Not take me in?

I have spent time in the gardens,
And time in the barns.
I have been in the studios
And the music halls.
As a child
I danced
Quite freely,
Quite with abandon
As no one watched.

I have soaked up knowledge
In its' libraries
And study halls.

I have found many places
Of worship
In this wondrous castle.

The places to nurture
Have been nearly infinite.

Will my feet
Not take me in?

Is the vision blurred?

Will my thoughts,
My heart,
Not let me find
A place to exist
In my very own Castle?

I stumble forward.
I look up.
The castle
Is much more clear.
And the bridge.
It is still down.

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