Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Confusion, frustration, desperation or inspiration:
I am struggling with which path to take. The struggling is leading to confusion. I very much am desiring to fill my life with a more artsy career at this moment. I thought I might like to do writing but the writing in my manuscript is tough going until I get the most difficult parts done. Perhaps if I got back to it I might feel more compelled to get on with the story. But yesterday I had a setback. I had submitted a number of pieces to a publication that I felt quite confident would accept at least one of the selections. My writer's group (bless their hearts) had offered suggestions on most of the writing. They gave me the green light for submitting. Yesterday I got all of the pieces back in the mail. "The Caves" had been short listed but because there were submissions from worldwide the piece was not accepted for publication. I was advised to read more poetry of local writers. I've been told to do this before. I have tried to do it. I just cannot get a feel for the poetry. My writing is different. I suppose maybe writing is not for me at the moment. I don't even really feel like writing on this blog anymore. Only one person ever comments ~ my very dear friend. A majority of people that visit my blog do so for less than five seconds. I know. Everyone is busy with their own lives.
I have been doing much photography lately and also felt a huge desire to get into mixed media and collage. One of the main stumbling blocks right now is the need for a space to do this artwork. I have a room which I believe might work but it needs a huge amount of cleanup. Cleaning is definitely not one of my favourite things to do.
I also have been doing much searching on the flickr site and have found some absolutely stunning work ~ art and photography. I could easily think "what's the point?"
And so the confusion creeps or rushes in. I need to choose a path. I know which is the right path. I need to choose inspiration and only allow tiny peeks back at the frustration and desperation. I think I am on the right path. I went and purchased some fine clothing and artwork from the "good neighbour boutique/ gift shop". I have plans for portraits. And I did move some things around in that bedroom. Now I just need to stay on the right trail.


Rambling Chick said...

You're right, you're on the right trail. I've heard of famous writers that have saved every rejection letter they ever recieved. Stephen King had a giant nail on the wall, and he drove it through each letter. Eventually the stack got so thick he had to keep adding more nails for more stacks of rejection letters.

I know it's a cliche, but "failure" is only the result of trying. Wayne Gretsky said, "I have missed 100% of the goals I never tried for.

I guess I better end it here. My husband tells me that comments are not supposed to be small novels. I should just say, "good." So, it's good.

Rambling Chick said...

Thank you for telling me about Happy News. I checked it out, and they are looking for writers. Do you know what their payment is? 15 cents per word, $5/photograph, and a LINK BACK TO YOUR WEBSITE. Hello. I have work to do.

windy angels said...

Right on. I knew you should hear about happy news. Yes! p.s. Sometimes my comments turn into novels too.

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