Sunday, March 19, 2006

When I was a child
With diabetes,
I grew to hate
The colour orange.

The sugar in my body
Needed testing.

Meant sugar,
Too much

And now -
I envision lines,
And lines,
And lines,
In the record book,
Lines of orange.

As a child with Diabetes
Went through my mind
About these lines of orange
In the Record Book?

They were always present.
I probably did not even recognize
Any interspersal of beautiful blue,
Or calming green.

For perfection?
Striving to erase all those lines,
Of orange,
Which could never
Be erased.
Striving to erase the lines
Of imperfection
Which would be
Part of me.

Today -
I can truly appreciate
The colour orange.

Now I understand
It represents joy.
I work towards Joy.
I strive for it.
I strive
For more imperfection.
The striving
Is not easy.

Forever will live in me -
Those lines and lines
Of the colour orange.


tammy said...

How i enjoyed the progression in your understanding of you, love and prayers tammy

windy angels said...

Sending huge hugs Tammy.

Suzie Q said...

You have such a wonderful way with words, Wendy. It's incredible how you convey so much emotion and feeling with just a few words. Beautiful...

Q xXx

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