Thursday, March 23, 2006

Anonymous Comments:
I got my first anonymous comment last night. I was so excited. I had such fun trying to think who may have sent me this mystery of comments. There were clues within it. That helped tremendously. There was also certainly the possibility that it came from a stranger. That possibility was even more exciting.

I enjoy mysteries. Surprises, I'm not so great with.

If you get the impression that I'd like you to send me an anonymous comment, you've got it absolutely correct. Any comment is great but anonymous ones are terrific fun.

Some people kind of look at me sideways for the things that I think are fun, like learning how to video conference. That's totally OK. I don't often find much fun in my life.


Anonymous said...

mystery creates such a flood of emotions and feelings, and such excitement, how fun, so childlike, a sweet spirit, tammy

windy angels said...

Tammy, I recognized when "it was nearly over" that I'd been living "on the edge" for what seemed so long re: our beautiful "Cat", that I was to some extent bored when so much help was in place. That is when my creative spirit was allowed to take blossom. It was interesting yesterday when (for a career counsellor) the results of the interest and values inventories
were complete, I was told I enjoy change and probably thrive on it - surprise, surprise.

Anonymous said...

Mystery returns to our lives that which day to day living ZAPS from us. I have read your selections with great interest-I'm glad your life allows time now for your creative spirit to soar.

windy angels said...

ZAPS - a totally appropriate word. I get the impression you've been there.
And yes, time is such a precious gift. I am near envious of people who choose not to wear a watch. Reminds me of a piece I have been working in my head - spontaneity. Not sure when I'll get to it. You'll find it one day.

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