Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'd forgotten. Fifteen days ago I'd been at a meeting. Adults were shouting at each other. Adults were yelling at me. I walked out on the meeting. I was supposed to be chairing the meeting. We were to be seeking solutions. Everything seemed to have fallen apart. Though I knew it was not my fault I felt concern over each of the children affected by this disastrous outcome. For my own well being I had to withdraw totally from the situation. Now I was at a very different meeting. There was no shouting. This was near boring compared. The meeting was in Room 101.


tammy said...

Ashley was the president at her university this year, but only lasted in the position for 2 months, her sweet spirit, could not adjust to the anger, that seems to be in so many hearts, how i felt what you felt, you are very blessed with words, words excite my inner spirit, thanks tammy

windy angels said...

Thanks Tammy.
So great to hear from you. Check often. I plan to post much of my writing here. I can also e-mail you longer and more pieces if you're interested.
Love ya,

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