Sunday, August 9, 2009

"the risk to blossom"

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. Anais Nin

There was a day I never would have dreamed of calling myself an artist. While I was growing up I loved to do art. Yet because of my intelligence I placed the expectation on my self of the need to further my education. The idea of becoming an artist was not really something viewed as desirable. I thought. Remember that I am 51 years old. Even today, for a younger person, the idea of becoming an artist might still be "far fetched", unfortunately.

My choices led to a career in the health care field. While that career was somewhat fulfilling, the stress involved was tremendous. More recently, I have chosen to return to the pursuit of art. I can identify myself as an artist. I feel comfortable about it. I love to paint on canvases. Even that was threatening in the past couple of years. NOW, that risk to create on a canvas is much more comfortable than "the risk to remain tight in a bud."

This is the beginning of a canvas I completed last week. You can tell from this image started in June of 2008 that the finished story has many layers, much texturing.

canvas WIP

Following are a couple of views of the 16 x 20 inch canvas completed only a couple of days ago. This first one I modified to black and white.

"holding you safely" in black and white

This is closer to the original.

"holding you safely"

"holding you safely"

Please note the tiny little critter in the crook of her neck. Also understand that the reddish light just above the head of the girl was only the way the sun was shining on the picture. It is not a part of the actual painting, though - I do believe in angels.

Please note I will be away for a couple of days so will take some time for your comments to be moderated. Do not let that prevent you from sharing your thoughts.

Angels be with you.


Dale Anne said...

This looks like another FABULOUS artwork Wendy!
I bet in person its even more LOVELY!!!
Have a GREAT couple of days away!

Dawn said...

Wonderful canvases Wendy - love them xxx

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