Saturday, June 7, 2008

Billy and Blue:

Of course these are not pictures of them. These are images from a couple of vintage school books I found.

We are going to the farm to bring back our pets. I have missed them so. As of today it's been exactly a month since they've been at the farm. I can hardly wait.

We are able to bring them home because we've been back in our house for a week. AND the painting is finally finished. Monday will be kind of like a circus here as we will be getting back everything that was removed from the house, main level. We have to wait for the flooring to be put in, week of June 16, before we get our basement possessions back. Even though most of my studio was left unharmed we've been using it as one of our living spaces for things like storage and laundry separating.

We still won't have our kitchen completed but we'll get back our microwave so we'll finally be able to make suppers here again. Both Kat. and I have been suffering from the junk (I mean processed wheat, additives, cow's milk) food we've been consuming.

The kitchen won't be complete for another maybe 6-8 weeks. I will plan a giveaway or two for that time. Keep in touch for announcements about that.

I also have plans to do a video with some writing I did shortly after the fire. I'm not certain when I'll get to that as we will be bombarded with so many boxes and boxes and boxes of all our belongings. I caved in a bit and asked Greg if he could please take some time off work. My brother may also be able to come up to try to help also. I'm kind of scared about feeling totally overwhelmed but I have had much courage so far. It can still keep me going.

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness,
and nothing is so gentle as true strength.”

Ralph Sockman
Inspiration Peak

I took a tiny bit of time for art last Thursday. I did these spoons and bottles with alcohol inks as taught by Kelli Perkins in the May/June issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I also get their e-mails. I guess it was actually there I saw directions for the bottles. Neither is complete. I like these and will probably do more.

The last two are words I wrote sometime this past week. My main journal has been with the rest of the stuff - away. I anxiously await its return. In the meantime I decided to start in one of these little ecojot notebooks. I love them. I will also be using lots of the papers I have accumulated and still keep purchasing from the craft stores. maybe I'll capture a minute or two to share them with you next week when I need to take a break from the recreation of this house, this home.

Be well. Be gentle. be strong.
And finally angels be with you,


las palabras mágicas said...

Dear Wendy,
I hope the work in your home will be all over soon. I love the quotes you post in your blog, they tell a lot about who you are, and you are someone who can be sensitive without being vulnerable.
The artistic side:the bottles look terrific! What a great idea that alcohol ink. With the effect of light they'll brighten up any space you like in your new lovely home.
Wishing you all the best

suesviews said...

Love, Love, Love, and lots of it. Coming your way, from me. Sorry I've been such a hopeless case for so long now. Busy week with birthdays and anniversaries this week, but I'm thinking of you and sending Angels..
I am in awe of your creativity throughout this ordeal. Beautiful creations!
Huge Hugs for you all. Extra treats for Billy & Blue :) Much Love & Many, Many Angels xXx Suze xXx

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