Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Autumn 4x4s: For this week's prompt at Inspire me Thursday the word "square" was chosen. If you are an artist you know that this opens numerous possibilities. I've decided to go with 4x4s. Because I love autumn textures and colours and feel so blessed at this time of year, I've decided to go with an autumn splendour quartet. The fourth is quite different from the rest in that the background is blue and the picture is different. I happened to already have it cut to a 4x4 size.
This first one was done on a piece of yellow cardstock. I printed my own background of rust onto it and then applied gold ink. After a couple of minutes I rubbed the ink with a baby wipe. Next I applied a stamp over the entire piece. I used the printed photo and sewed it on. I finished it with
stamps for the words and the addition of the brad.

The background for the second was
done on watercolour with acrylic and water. Then I used inks which I again rubbed off with baby wipes. I used stamps and I think some walnut ink spray. I glued the picture this time and also used a sakura goldie for some of the words. I did a tiny bit of sanding on the photo edges.

The third was just done on a piece of decorative
For this one I tried using a gel transfer for the words. Same picture, same sewing, same application of brad finalized this one.

The fourth was using a blue background done with acrylic and water on watercolour paper with a bit of salt. After it was dry I printed some of my own handwriting
which had been scanned and stretched a bit, onto the paper. Different picture, same treatment. I used a gold ink pad and pencil eraser to do a couple of gold stamped images.


navylane said...

you have done a wonderful job of representing the colors and textures of autumn, one of my favorite times of the year. Thanks for participating at Inspire Me Thursday!

Melba said...


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