Friday, January 19, 2007

TIRED but - Friday's finds AND Valentine Inspiration:
I'm having much difficulty focusing today. It's been kind of a tough week. There've been appointments in Saskatoon. At one we learned that our daughter did not have a seizure. Her EEG was totally normal and she fainted instead of having a seizure. Huge relief sigh. I was reminded by two important people that as a large part of a teen's developmental tasks involves establishing identity, I should not be alarmed by her low self esteem but just to be encouraging and supportive, as much as one can to a teen, especially when they have issues. I have been challenged with trying not to get overburdened by other people's challenges but again to be supportive. I have realized that I have been quite strong the past few weeks even though this has typically been one of my most difficult months, for many years. I also finished a project started month's ago.

Today I feel tired. I think I should. I'm allowing myself to feel OK that I didn't do art today, other than taking a few pictures. I didn't even feel like having fun with doodling or stamping.

Yesterday I used part of some Christmas gift certificates at Fabricland. I got some taffeta, chiffon, lace, and lots of buttons. They were 50% off. I'm planning to do some experimenting with cling wrap. I happened to have some red cling wrap stashed away in the room I will eventually have cleaned to put a studio in. I'm finding numerous treasures there.

The other picture is of some of the fabric and treats I have in store for Valentine's day.

Tomorrow is another day.


Dianne said...

Hope it all works out with your daughter. It's not easy bringing up children.... Nothing beats going shopping for lots of fabric and goodies.

artsyfran said...

I hope you are doing well and that your daughter, too, is doing well.


suzie q said...

Love all the goodies, Wendy, and am fascinated by the thought of coloured clingfilm! Don't think we get it here, or at least I haven't seen any.. I'm very curious to know what you do with it!
My Love & Big Hugs for you & Kat (((xXx))) Suze

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