Monday, January 22, 2007

Life is good: It feels like often I don't have the inclination to say that. Today was different. There was a tiny glitch but I'm working towards not focusing on the glitches but instead that "life is good." I'd seen words to this effect in someone's profile and I thought "WOW! I wish I could say that." Then I thought, "why don't I try to say it?" Today was the day. Hopefully there will be more.

I have so much I want to say. However part of the idea that "Life is good" may mean trying to get more sleep. So I will just say for now that these are three of the thirteen postcards I am working on for valentine's day. Exploration of the topics of love, the number thirteen, miracles, french knots, hand dying fabric, printing on fabric, "talk" and self-esteem will all have to wait.

Stay tuned.


suzie q said...

Beautiful postcards, Wendy, and a beautiful post! So happy to hear you saying that 'Life is Good'! :)
I'll bet it's even better now you've gone & won Fran's competition! YAY!!!
Congratulations, dear Angel. Keep Smiling :D

Much Love & specially big celebratory hugs - and maybe it's time for a tickle again! hehe..

Love you x

NancyB said...

Great post Wendy! Yes! Definately a good day! Wonderful and beautiful postcards girl! So yummy! 13 my fav number! I still havent dusted off my sewing machine...guess its time...and drag out my box of fabric eh? And a great big Congrats to you my angel friend! Much love and hugs! Nance

BlueJude said...

Sometimes ya gotta say it out loud for it to stick! I so get that! I too am trying to focus on oly positive and when it doesn't quite come together, I just remnd myself, "This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it." Valentines look great too!

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