Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Life is GOOD - Day 2: My assembly line is still happening. I got busy this morning and was into a French knot mode again. I think there are 11 on this piece. If I ever want to finish these 13 postcards I'd better get to work on my machine and stop all this hand sewing already.

Besides a continuation of the assembly line I also started this cling wrap piece. I'm quite happy with the results. I just placed the lace down on the scanner to do the scan but will probably do lace on the final whatever I do with it. I'm kind of in an eclectic mood as you'll see when the postcards get finished. I'm mixing multi coloured rick-rack with fancy pink lace. Fun stuff. I wasn't really certain about this cling wrap but thought I'd make it and then see what I come up with. Tomorrow will not be so productive with art. I've other things happening as well as Friday and Saturday. So I'll see what will happen yet for these postcards. I'd like to finish some so I can mail them to my friends and they be received before Easter.

I also have to finish my journal quilt page before next Tuesday and I must post something for artwords this week as the theme is wind. I got an idea for that today. My only hope is that I can print pictures onto fabric as well as I did with the words. It's being a bit tricky but I shall persevere.

'Till next time. Angels be with you.


suzie q said...

Oh yes! Life is good, indeed! :)
You are working wonders with all your fabric bits & pieces, Wendy, and I wouls love to know exactly what it IS that you're doing with clingwrap? Can't tell from the pic, unless I'm being a bit slow here...I have only just woken up ;)
I love the positive start we have both had to this year..the Angels are doing their jobs properly, eh? ;)
Enjoy finishing off your journal page, and all your other ongoing projects, sweetheart. I love seeing all these things coming together for you and look forward to every post...
Have a beautiful day, Angel :)
Much Love,
Suze xXx

windy angels said...

Sorry I didn't have time to do the link last night. Go to the fairydi link - Jan.11. I believe it's in her profile about "Life is good" also.
Yes, such a good start to the year.
((((hugs))) back to you.
Much love,

Debra said...

Hi Wendy,
I tried to comment the other day but couldn't for some reason :-(
Your work is lovely!

Lucinda said...

Well said.

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