Monday, January 8, 2007

hoarfrost creekside

hoarfrost creekside
Originally uploaded by Windy Angels.
Another photo of the hoarfrost. The dogs would always wonder why I stopped so often while walking them. They're probably getting used to it by now. It gave them a chance to clean their paws of snow.


suzie q said...

Hello Lovely Lady :)
These photo's are gorgeous! I laughed when I read about the dogs. I have had a camera in my hand almost every time I've taken Stan out since we had him, and he just stops with me now when I stop to take a picture! Sometimes he'll drop the ball at my feet, as if to say 'come & play!' :D
Thanks for your lovely comment Wendy. I like the story of Kat's apron remaining unfinished. I started making a rug when I was pregnant with Josh, intending it for his nursery... my Mum finished it off for me when Josh was 12! :0)
Thanks for being there and sharing with me, Angel.
Love you. Love these pictures. Hope you're warm & well, & creating!
Huge Hugs,
Suze xXx

firstborn said...

hi & happy new year! love your pics & quilt journal!!!!

it's been unseasonably snowless here in cheeseland, which has been both good & bad...nice to see someone enjoying a proper winter, lol!

been meaning to come by & thank you for the lovely holiday email you sent recently...thank you for remembering me!

have a good week my dear!

hugs & art on!
mary ann xo

BlueJude said...

I so want snow!

Judy Scott said...

The colours here are fabulous I love how the blue sky reflects in the snow, Jx

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