Friday, September 22, 2006

Beyond My Reach: Studio Friday was the very first challenge I encountered a number of months ago. I'd discovered the crafty girl and from there I progressed to my own blog, my own writing posts, and more recently to my art.

I was always uncertain about Studio Friday because I never really have had a studio. I create in my whole house, practically, at our farm - my brother's and folks' house, and consider nature and the world around me to be my studio. Maybe I'm giving away too much but it's important for this week's topic of
ON THE OUTSIDE. I decided it was time to take on this SFchallenge as my dear friend Suzie Q has shown me how easy it can be. Thanks Tine, I'll be in touch another day. Thanks Suzie for taking up my challenge.


APlanet4Creation said...

Lovely picture. I never been to Saskatchewan even though I grew up in Alberta.

Suzie Q said...

WoW! Spectacular picture, Wendy! Beautifully done... I feel a bit naughty, like I jumped right on in there when you'd been contemplating it for ages. Once upon a time I would have done the same as you, but lately I've become a bit more 'feet first' than usual.. I hope I haven't been too tactless. You inspire me!
xXx Thank you xXx

windy angels said...

Lilie - thanks for commenting on my post. I love Saskatchewan ~ it's diversity and change and beauty. Though people think the prairies are boring I definitely have to disagree. I guess it depends on your tastes.

Suzie ~ no problem whatever. It's great to see you going "feet first". I don't recognize that word tactless ~ no idea what it means.
Thanks for saying I inspire you.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this great photo! Beautiful shot!!!!

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