Monday, September 18, 2006

Before the frost: Some photos of plants taken in our yard before the rainy days dropped by (in near flood force, felt like). And I suspected that with, or shortly after, the rain would come the frost. That's predicted for tonight. Cold temperatures and chilling north winds have been with us the past few days.
The picture above is of golden clematis by our backgate. I didn't have quite enough garden space in our yard a few years ago so decided to put sun-loving plants in our back alley.
I have a number of green houseplants (in our part of the world anyway) which I overwinter under growlights. They get starved for sunlight through the winter and then take off when I bring them back outside in late spring.
Some annual salvias inside a container.

Lush asparagus ferns and scented geraniums glow in the sunlight before the clouds rolled in for a few days and spilled upon us.


Suzie Q said...

It's lovely to see your beautiful plants Wendy :) They all look to be doing very well, I love the asparagus fern, and the salvia...and all of them! ;) The wind has a chill edge to it here the last few days. Winter is whispering to us...can't say I'm looking forward to it too much! Are the Winters very hard where you are? They seem to be getting milder here, but I may have spoken too soon.. ;)

Take Care xXx

Terri said...

Beautiful plants and flowers Wendy. Thanks for sharing.

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