Wednesday, May 16, 2012


laugh out loud. laugh a little. laugh a lot.

A new art journal spread ~ continuation of wanting to paint. Continuation of the brights and pastels. This one was fun with lots of rub-ons. I keep forgetting about them until I watch a journaling video and get the urge to dig through my selection. I have also determined an art supply which I actually can use more of. That does not happen very often. My stash of most art supplies is huge, but I love to shop for more.
Rub-ons are so fun to scratch on while I am trying to reach my Mom on the phone and when I am talking with her. I also did some of the sketching here with the pink gel pen while I was speaking on the phone. I really do not like having to talk on the phone much, but this makes the phone conversations easier.

Almost forgot to mention that I was reminded of tape transfers by my friend Dale Anne. She challenged us to do a tape transfer also. Because I had not done one for so long I chose to give it a try. They got a bit rough because I was in a hurry, but still contribute to the page. My tape transfers are the butterfly beneath the 7s and the darker patterned section beside the 4s. What kind of tape transfers have you done recently?

The near smiley face on the bottom right was just by accident but certainly meant to be there. And the word laughter was already on the book page so the choice of what to say was obvious.

Remember to laugh ~ often.


Bo Mackison said...

Yes indeed. Art on the fly, and especially when on phone conversations. (I struggle with those, too!) But laugh, above all--laugh a little, laugh a lot. Thanks, for the smiles!

winnsangels said...

Thanks for the visit Bo. Hoping all is well with you!

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